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Calling all women who tech and talk

DIA recently co-sponsored the first-ever women’s telesummit organized by Women Who Tech . There were over 650 participants with a ton of great panels , all led by women. This is amazing! I mean how many conferences have you been to where all the participants AND panelists were women. No wonder it worked so well. One thing that struck me was how natural all of this felt. I had to remind myself that most panels about anything technology related, comprise of largely men. The bottom line is that us gals are underrepresented in the tech sector and it’s time we get out there. One of the summit objectives is to create a database of women speakers. THAT’S YOU. If you don’t consider yourself an expert, think again. Given this online thing hasn’t been around long, the space is wide open for sharing knowledge from a lot of vantage points (so don’t compare yourself with the MoveOn’s of the world). If you live outside of DC, SF or NYC, you especially should consider speaking about online technology. Speak about what? Your experience, the experience of others, best practices, etc. Like canvassing, speaking is something most normal people don’t like to do. It’s generally not in the “fun” category. That’s just how it works. It’s also one of those practice makes perfect things. Convinced? Great! Just email Allyson Kapin to sign up as a speaker - Allyson (at) You can also stay connected by signing up for the WWF enews or by joining their (our!) WWF Facebook group and Twitter Group . I’ll post when the presentations are available on-line too.


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