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Salsa 1.8.2: Share Everywhere

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Here at Salsa Labs, we spend a lot of time thinking about organizing. That's what Salsa is about at its most basic level:

  • Compile a list of supporters.
  • Target them with a message.
  • Convince them to take an action.
  • Report on the results.

Today's 1.8.2 release comprises more than 30 bug fixes and features, and we've put a special emphasis on reporting and message broadcasting. You can read all the details in our release notes. First, a few highlights.

Export Link Clickers

The email summary report for individual blasts provides a wealth of information, including how many supporters clicked each link and who clicked them. Now, this list of supporters is easily exported to comma-delimited (CSV) format, allowing for quick import into Excel. Find the "view as csv" link by clicking on "View supporters who clicked this link" in the blast summary report.

Give Names to Your Event Locations

Nothing is more frustrating than organizing an event at a well-known landmark, only to be forced to be use an address no one ever hears. If you're meeting at a recognizable place, wouldn't it be nice to also include the place's name? We've added a field to the event workflow that allows you to do just that. Separating the location's name from the location's address will also prevent problems when displaying it in a Google map. Please note: We've reserved Lunar Base One for our next Third Thursday, but Richard Branson's giving us guff about group rocket rates.

Share Your Pages, Everywhere

Surely you've seen them: Those "Like" buttons and Twitter icons appearing on pages all over the web. Sharing tools are the hip new thing in web design, and we're proud to report Salsa's had basic sharing functionality for some time now. In 1.8.2, we dramatically increased the power of our sharing features. It's now possible to set your own sharing icons, suggest different default messages for Facebook and Twitter, and add "Like" buttons to your Salsa pages.

Reaching your supporters means throwing them a rope in an ocean of noise, and there's no better tether than their family and friends. In a world where our phones are smarter than our children and "Social Media Director" is not just a position, but a well-paid career that comes with stock options and a 401(k), carefully crafted, highly targeted messages work. Anything else doesn't. It's a game of inches, a status morass, and even when I abandon the metaphors I'm left with a simple truth: The average American spent seven full hours on Facebook in January. That's not just a workday. It's two-and-a-half viewings of "The Godfather," 20 times the length of Barack Obama's Inuagural Address, and just under the world record consecutive play time for Rock Band 2 (this might actually say more about the University of Texas than it does about Facebook). It's time to share everywhere:

Point your browser here to read the rest of Salsa 1.8.2's release notes. Please don't hesitate to post any feedback or questions on Salsa Commons. And keep an eye on this blog. We've got more than 40 new changes queued up for testing. Salsa 1.8.3 is just around the corner.


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