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Friday Fiesta: new release, sharing, and unsubscribes

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Happy Friday!

Two important things to point out before I start babbling too much: Our office will be closed on Monday, February 21, and if you currently style your donation page headers or footers, please check out this post about some changes to div tags.

Commons Comments

Not able to attend yesterday's Third Thursday? You can check it out here.

I get so giddy about releases, and Chris T's post with highlights made this last week's release even more fun.

Scott added this spiffy post about adding Twitter feeds to your site.

Chris V. updated Sharing documentation this week, too.

Speaking of Social Media, join us for a tweetchat next week. Talking to you makes me like Twitter more.

We have a February 24 webinar on Deliverability coming up that you might want to check out.

Tor and Bill have some great tips for unsubscribe pages and groups.

Thanks to Kevin for sharing your thoughts on reply to email addresses.


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