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DIA visits New Mexico during epic storm

by Jeanette Russell

Last week I spoke to 100 folks in several workshops about online communications in New Mexico. Seems everywhere we offer strategy and how-to workshops in the West, people love them. We always get  25 - 60 folks (per workshop) in attendance .If you'd like to get your organization, grantees, coalition or community up to speed on online communications, just let us know. We regulary do field visits ... I'm not called the Western Field Director for nothing.

About the epic storm... well, from MT standards (where I live), we don't consider 1 inch of snow worthy of canceling school and highways. The "storm" only put a slight damper on the 40 in attendance on a Friday afternoon.


We always get

We always get 25 - 60 folks in attendance, play solitaire spider game online.

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