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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Keep Actions Fresh with Alternate Content


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Last week, we illustrated targeting advocacy messages to Congress.

Salsa's Action tools have another great feature to help keep those advocacy messages fresh: Alternate Content blocs which allows your page to suggest different messages every time someone completes it, making them less generic to their recipients.

Alternate Action Content

Any targeted Action that sends a message to its recipient can be enhanced with a "carousel" of multiple suggested subjects and messages.

In your Action's Action Content tab, click the "add another letter" button to create one or more alternative versions of the same message.

Image: The Alternate Letters button in Salsa Actions

Salsa will randomly pick one of the alternative letters to display each time that action content is loaded, so different supporters will see (and send) different default messages. This assures that the messages being sent are not all completely identical in tone or content.

Image: Creating a Multi-Content Targeted Action

Whether you're advocating at the federal level, the state level, or to a custom target, I hope this tip helps you keep advocacy messages fresh and engaging.

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P.S. -- In D.C. today? Drop by the Salsa Labs offices this afternoon for our Third Thursday training: Slim Down Your Email List.


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