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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Salsa Actions for a new Congress


It's the "Salsa Weekly Highlight," your quick hit on what's what in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program. As always, you can find plenty more news, updates, and conversation throughout the week on

The start of an odd-numbered year means the start of a new legislative season: a great time to take a look at Salsa's Action tools. Federal and state legislative contact data is up-to-date with new representatives, so your supporters can send district-matched constituent advocacy messages with confidence!

Today, we'll show how to make "thank-and-spank" Actions where different lawmakers get different types of messages -- praising them for supporting your bill, or criticizing them for voting against it, for instance.

Multi-Content Targeted Actions

Action pages, available under Salsa's Advocacy tab, are an interface for your supporters to communicate with their elected officials (most popularly, members of Congress).

A supporter enters an address, and is matched to the correct federal or state elected representatives, and given a suggested message for those representatives.

Multi-Content Targeted Actions are a specific type of Action designed to maximize your messages' relevance by delivering different messages for different recipients.

  • For Example: Send everyone who voted for your bill a message of gratitude; and, send everyone who voted against your bill a message of disapproval. This is the classic "thank-and-spank" advocacy campaign.

To build a Multi-Content Targeted Action, you'll pick that specific action type when first creating your page. Then, you'll follow two additional steps.

Image: Creating a Multi-Content Targeted Action

Step One: Create Multiple Content Sets

In the "Action Content" tab of your Multi-Content Action, write a suggested subject and message body that some of your targets should receive from their constituents.

  • For Example: "Thank you for voting yes on HR 1", intended for your legislation's supporters.

Click "Add Another Set" to create an alternate message for other targets to receive.

  • For Example: "I'm disappointed in your vote against HR 1", intended for your legislation's opponents.

Repeat with as many different content sets as desired: you're not limited to two!

Image: Letter sets in Salsa actions

Step Two: Targeting Your Content Sets

Now that you've done the hard part, click over to your Action's "Targets" tab.

Here, you'll associate each different content set from Step One with one or more specific legislative targets.

The target could be an entire chamber, like the U.S. House. But Multi-Content Actions will most often be for some specific subset of that chamber -- perhaps just a handful on a key committee, or perhaps hundreds who cast an important vote yea or nay.

Select the intended chamber, and use the optional menu to pick all the individual members you want. Then, decide which message these members should receive by associating them with one of your content sets.

Image: Targeting messages to lawmakers

Repeat the process to target the next set of content to a different group of legislators, and so on.

Whether you operate at the federal level, the state level, or somewhere else entirely, I hope Multi-Content Targeted Actions help your advocacy pages really rock during the coming legislative season.

Got a question about how to use them, or a great tip to share with other Salsa users? Drop us a note at, or just visit

P.S. -- Salsa Labs will be closed next Monday, Jan. 17 in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



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