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Founded on South Hope Street in Los Angeles by a diverse group of young professionals and entrepreneurs, Hope Street Group is an energetic, network-driven organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunity and prosperity for all Americans. 

Our dynamic network of problem solvers is committed to creatively and pragmatically addressing some of our nation's most complex challenges in education, health, and jobs. We are champions of collaboration and innovation, and believe strongly in putting the right programs and policies in place so that all Americans have the opportunity to thrive. 

Initiatives we are currently working on include:

  • Creating a more productive and cohesive jobs marketplace that equally meets the needs of employers, educators, and individuals
  • Elevating the teaching profession and improving student outcomes by empowering teacher leaders across the nation to influence policy and have their voices heard
  • Building collaborative efforts to further community and individual health, including increasing regional partnerships and battling food insecurity

In order for us to continue executing this extremely important work, we kindly ask that you consider making a donation to Hope Street Group.

A donation made in any amount would be immensely appreciated, and we urge you to give as you are able. Please also feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the potential for further involvement with our organization; we are only as strong as those supporting our work, and welcome the opportunity to build new friendships and partnerships.

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Learn More About Our Work

Empowering our 2014 National Teacher Fellows Program cohort to engage their communities and district leaders in discussions around teacher effectiveness, bringing valuable educator voices and lessons learned up to the national policy level.

Expanding our state-level teacher engagement work to other states eager for assistance, and promoting new conversations around professional learning for teachers.

Engaging expert nonprofit and business leaders and government officials in bipartisan conversations on reforming jobs and workforce policy in America, driving toward a cohesive and thriving jobs marketplace that will provide multiple pathways toward meaningful work and a strengthened economy.