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Getting Started with Scoring

by Trina Zahller

Did you miss last week's "Third Thursday" workshop on Salsa's Scoring tool?

Not to worry! All the session materials are now available online. Take a look and find some inspiration for master-class segmentation and targeting on your supporter list in Q4.

Screenshot: 1Sky scoring presentation
Screenshot: Salsa Labs scoring presentation
Garth Moore's presentation on strategic messaging with Scoring, available on Slideshare or as a downloadable pdf
Jason Z's presentation on configuring scoring algorithms in your Salsa headquarters, available on Slideshare or as a downloadable pdf

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It's Third Thursday!

by Adam Rosenberg

Third Thursday is upon us and we're getting ready for an exciting day ahead.

At 4 PM today, Salsa Labs' training specialist Trina Zahller will delve into strategies for analyzing and organizing your support data. Then Royelen Boykie of Food and Water Watch shares her strategies for taking those supporter relationships to the next level! It all happens live at our offices:

Salsa Labs
1700 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington DC 20009
(That's just two blocks up from the north exit of the DuPont Circle metro stop. We're right above the Starbuck's on the corner of Connecticut and R.)

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by Jason Z.

With the Salsa Community Conference in the books like a Dutch defender, it's full steam ahead into the steaming D.C. summer.

If you subscribe to our Events and Trainings newsletter, you already know all about the full slate of Salsa trainings on the docket for July. This, the week of July 12, is a particularly busy one as it hapens to combine our two recurring monthly training events.

"Salsa 101"

New to Salsa, or have a new person on your team? Especially geared towards newer users, a five-day sequence of webinars on the core tools in the software kicks off today with the aptly-named New User Orientation.

Follow that up with:

(more ...)

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Short notice: learn the DSCC's e-mail secrets at Third Thursday Mar. 19

by Jason Z.

This is the sort of thing to make me wish I still lived in D.C.

The monthly "Third Thursday" event, which takes place tomorrow from 3 to 5 p.m. at the home office on 1700 Connecticut, is a two-parter that should be well worth the red line transfer for anyone local.

  • 3-4 p.m.: The new e-mail package.  A demo of the features in the new email tool we rolled out last week.
  • 4-5 p.m.: E-mail strategy with Lizzie Kendrick of the DSCC.  Perhaps nobody has sent more emails with Salsa than Lizzie ... and she'll share the whys and the hows of conditional blast content, A/B testing, and other advanced mail testing and targeting.

Should be a great combination useful across the spectrum of list sizes, Salsa experience, and technical expertise.

RSVP.  Your conversion rates will thank you for it.

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The World Needs More Organizers! Know of any who need training?

Apply Today Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing. GreenCorps is an awesome advocacy organizing training program for recent college graduates interested in pursuing a CAREER as an environmental organizer. I went through (most of) this program in 1997 and highly recommend it for the right person. The deadline is February 1st - apply here Feel free to contact me with any questions - jnet (at) or 406-880-jnet (5638)

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