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Oscars: Wisdom of Crowds?

We report, you decide. Here are the consensus choices from entries in the Nptech Oscar Pool, for those keeping score at home while refreshing the DIA blog between Ellen monologues. The parenthetical figure is the number out of 59 entrants who chose it. A winner, or a thinly-veiled excuse for cheesecake? Read on.

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Last Chance to Dive Into the Oscar Pool

Oscars will be doled out Sunday, so the next three days are your last chance to enter the Nptech pool and win fabulous prizes from the DIA community. It's the same contest blogged in this space a month ago. To enter (free), just click right here. DIA users WITNESS and Brave New Films have generously donated some excellent video booty for the most prophetic film buff in all of nptech.

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Everyone Into the Nptech Oscar Pool

Academy Award nominees were announced yesterday, so it's time for another one of our infamous diversions, the Nptech Oscar Pool. Win the acclaim of your peers and fabulous prizes! No, seriously. Actual prizes, generously donated by two fantastic filmmaking organizations in the DemocracyInAction community, Brave New Films and WITNESS. Lest one suspect that, activist spoils or no, silver screen parlor games lack legitimate progressive cred, take a trip down memory hole to the '03 Oscars and Michael Moore's denunciation of the then-imminent Iraqi folly.

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