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Everyone Into the Nptech Oscar Pool

Academy Award nominees were announced yesterday, so it's time for another one of our infamous diversions, the Nptech Oscar Pool. Win the acclaim of your peers and fabulous prizes! No, seriously. Actual prizes, generously donated by two fantastic filmmaking organizations in the DemocracyInAction community, Brave New Films and WITNESS. Lest one suspect that, activist spoils or no, silver screen parlor games lack legitimate progressive cred, take a trip down memory hole to the '03 Oscars and Michael Moore's denunciation of the then-imminent Iraqi folly. Say what you will about Michael Moore's persona, antics or politics, he not only made rare use of his moment at the pulpit but left an eloquent rebuttal to the latter-day meme that jumping Iraq was reasonable based on what was known at the time. (Awful lot of folded arms in the crowd there, Hollywood.)


This is funny and brilliant!

When I looked at the Oscar, it made me think of the dirk award!

oscar pewl

check out it a great site for office pools.

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