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May 4 Salsa Marketplace Webinar: Activate Supporters with Groundcrew

by Jason Z.

We're closing in on the official launch of the Salsa Marketplace, a bustling souk of apps that connect to and extend Salsa in various different ways. In fact, we've already told you in this space about Flimp email videos.

This afternoon (Tuesday, May 4), you have the opportunity to learn about a new Salsa-integrated application that coordinates your people in real-time to accomplish things in the real world: Groundcrew.

This Marketplace mobile-organizing app lets your organization handle Salsa-managed supporters with text messaging, iPhone, Twitter, and location tracking. And you can get all your questions about it answered at the webinar today Tuesday, May 4, from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern.

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Pew Study Confirm Cell Phones Rule

(so start thinking about your mobile strategy)

That’s right, more Americans in 2007 said it would be harder to give up their cell phone over, well just about anything that truly matters, including internet, TV, landline telephone or watching the Office. Those who say it would be very hard to give up: Cell phone 51% Internet 45 Television 43 Landline telephone 40 Email 37 The study, called Mobile Access to Data and Information, also concluded that “62% of all Americans are part of a wireless, mobile population that participates in digital activities away from home or work”. Texting was the most popular activity.

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somit :-$$$ n weird

Full fathom five thy father lies: Of his bones are coral made: Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.
-William Shakespeare,
The Tempest And just when we were getting comfortable. Via the couldn't-be-more-aptly-named Sea Change comes this fabulous chart of different online activities by age group. Take a look at that thing. While "Collectors" are strikingly distributed throughout the population curve, there's an amazing phenomenon in every other category of engagement: Under-27s are qualitatively more participatory than everyone else, even their immediate elders. You'd probably expect folks born in the Truman Administration to rock the geek a little less than the Wii-implant generation. No surprise, that. But across the board, half of the dropoff from "Generation Y" to "Older Boomers" occurs between ages 26 and 27.

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