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Full fathom five thy father lies: Of his bones are coral made: Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.
-William Shakespeare,
The Tempest And just when we were getting comfortable. Via the couldn't-be-more-aptly-named Sea Change comes this fabulous chart of different online activities by age group. Take a look at that thing. While "Collectors" are strikingly distributed throughout the population curve, there's an amazing phenomenon in every other category of engagement: Under-27s are qualitatively more participatory than everyone else, even their immediate elders. You'd probably expect folks born in the Truman Administration to rock the geek a little less than the Wii-implant generation. No surprise, that. But across the board, half of the dropoff from "Generation Y" to "Older Boomers" occurs between ages 26 and 27. Here's what I mean.
Activity Generation Y (Dropoff) Generation X (Dropoff) Older Boomers
Creation 30% -11 19% -12 7%
Criticism 34% -9 25% -10 15%
Joining 57% -28 29% -21 8%
Spectating 54% -13 41% -15 26%
Granted, age bracketing is inherently arbitrary and debatable, and presumably 27-year-olds' behavior is closer to 26-year-olds than it is to 40-year-olds. Nevertheless, the chart maps a qualitative change on the horizon in the role of communications media. Missing here is a data point supplied by the New Politics Institute's just-released study of the "Millenial Generation": As Marty Kearns notes apropos of Zack Exley's "Don't Hire an Internet Person" call for getting staff out of the "Internet person" ghetto:
The campaign or nonprofit is organizing in our culture. The culture shift is changing everything. Our culture is increasingly networked and online. The organization or campaign needs a senior management team that works to capture and channel modern networks of supporters to create the change we seek.
That's a generational shift not to be underestimated, demanding some vision and perspective among sector leaders in the face of the older-skewing demographics of charitable donors. And, for that matter, of formerly comfortable charitable staff like me.


I'm the outlier ..

I'm 50 .. but my online behavior is more like 25

We should trade

Age is a state of mind, they say. My creaky knee and halfhearted Facebook presence don't agree.

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