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Glitch with email submission of support tickets today

by Leslie Hall

Image: The support link in your Salsa headquarters

It looks like our helpdesk provider, Zendesk, is experiencing problems routing email ticket submissions today. Unfortunately, until they resolve the issue, we're not receiving support questions sent by email.

But you can still send in support questions!

Thanks to the Salsa headquarters integration with Zendesk, you can submit support inquiries by logging into your Salsa account as a campaign manager.

Once there, just look for the "support" link in the upper right-hand corner of your headquarters.

We're sorry about any inconvenience. It sounds like Zendesk should have this problem straightened out soon.

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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Support tickets now integrated into your Salsa headquarters

by Leslie Hall

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Last week, we told you we were moving support services to Zendesk.

I'm delighted to report the transition has gone swimmingly so far! Hopefully, if you've submitted a support request during that time, you agree.

Headquarters Integration

Now that we've migrated, we're adding in some of Zendesk's great bells and whistles. This week, please direct your attention to the bug submission form now integrated into the Salsa headquarters.

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A Customer Service Parable, Not That We Would Ever Do Anything Like This

Something resembling this may or may not have been witnessed by a buddy of mine, and it may or may not have been recently: A full-up plane offers its last couple seats to standby passengers minutes before pushing back. A couple of other standby passengers see the desk agent who sees their itineraries, but can't get them on this flight. With the gates closed and the plane already heading for the runway, a (non-standby) ticketed passenger saunters casually up to the gate with the coffee s/he has just purchased, expecting to board. S/he becomes indignant and starts heaping abuse on the desk agent when told that s/he has missed the plane and they're not bringing it back. /cut to the ticket counter

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