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The Progressives Guide to Valentine's Day

Is your tooth achin' just thinking about chocolate hearts and teddy bears? Try these low fat, non-material alternatives.

First, some double click action to get warmed up.

Send a thank you to jewelers who've pledged to protect the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale mining, including the proposed Pebble gold mine. Send Congress a Valentine and ask your member to support the legislation to establish a Department of Peace to help end violence against women. Games and Valentines don't mix, but try this MomsRising wishing game and share your healthcare wishes. Send these adorable Oceana e-cards to your friends and fam. They even have some for the kids- Cute!

You're ready to hit the town!

You could join the East Bay Alliance for Sustainable Economy at the Woodfin Hotel how some love for the workers - and ask clients to stop using this heartless hotel. In Minnesota, you could join Codepink at the Lake St./Marshall Ave. bridge between Mpls and St. Paul for a Valentine's Day-themed peace vigil. Civic engagement is for lovers, or so says the Washington Community Action Network. Join them at their lobby day. Protect your loved ones and join Steelworkers for a Valentine's Day Protest Against Toxic Trade.
Happy Valentine's Day from the DIA Team!
P.S.If you're still jonesing for some chocolate, try a fair-trade alternative.


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