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Salsa Status Report VI

Got a question about Salsa that you want to ask in person? Come meet our staff tonight at Stetson's Bar and Grill from 6-8. RSVP and directions.

  • BUG: Fixed the order of "Email blasts received" on the HQ contact history page. (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed a missing spacer image on the postcard.jsp page. (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed a spelling error and clarified the "Manage Autoreponse" link by changing it to "Manage Autoresponse/Triggers". (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed searching by supporter key on the supporter management page. (medium)
  • BUG: The "logout just this supporter" links that appear for admins on signup pages now work. (medium)
  • BUG: The HQ "directory" edit page will now auto-select any previously selected fields. (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added dropdown box allowing users to specify how many images to view at a time on the View/Upload Images page. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added interface for marking blog comments as spam (which reports them to Akismet) (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added warning to users attempting to log into Salsa with a browser other then Firefox. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Made the Status field in the Donation edit page editable with a dropdown box. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Tag names now auto-complete when you begin to type them (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Users may now tag objects upon upload (major)


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