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Manifest Destiny? DIA Opens WiredRockies in Montana

The nonprofit community is not confined to major metropolitan areas, and the tools and services available to nonprofits shouldn't be, either. So on the heels of our westward foray to the Bay, we are excited to announce the launch of our new WiredRockies office, based in Missoula, Montana. Jeanette Russell will serve as our Western Field Director providing strategic and technical support for DIA clients and organizations. "Jnet" brings over 12 years of experience as an environmental leader and knows grassroots organizing, non-profit management and fundraising, besides the technology turn that's redefining her nickname. Our WiredRockies office is designed to increase the effectiveness of DIA users and expand our western network. It will also provide technical resource in rural areas, where online communication support is sparse. DIA's Western Field office means that clients can expect:
  • More readily available technical and strategic support
  • Advanced user DIA workshops (initially in Missoula, Seattle, and Portland, Ore.)
  • Western case studies to distribute to DIA network
  • In-person presentations and workshops, in addition to webinars
  • Help measuring and evaluating success
If you are a western client or thinking about taking the plunge, Jeanette would love to hear how DIA can better serve your organization’s needs. You can reach her at 406-880-jnet (5638). (Here's the announcement on
(We're still not done with the new office announcements.)


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