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VTVigils Honors Virginia Tech Victims

In the aftermath of Monday's horror at Virginia Tech, DemocracyInAction was approached by a few folks who wanted to find some way of helping their own communities grieve and remember outside the typical online parameters of list-building and fundraising. Small as it is in the face of such enormity, we're humbled to have collaborated together to donate VTVigils, organizing nationwide vigils in commemoration over the days ahead. Please feel welcome to participate or share it with others. There is absolutely no upsell -- no participant's information will be used in any way for anything except this event -- and it's completely agenda-free in every respect beyond the agenda of being human.


Being one of the Virginia Tech graduates, I would like to say that the VTVigils are doing honorable work. You need to get affordable assignment help for research paper online. Because of the moral support I received from the VTVigils, I have received an excellent job.

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