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Salsa Highlight: Invoice Option for Paid Event Registrations

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It's the "Salsa Highlight," your quick hit on what's new in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program. As always, you can find plenty more news, updates, and conversation throughout the week on

This week, we wanted to turn the spotlight on a cool new feature we've recently added to Salsa Events.

"Invoice Me" Event Payment Option

You'll find this new option under an event's Event Fees tab: it's just a simple checkbox (unchecked by default) called Invoice Option available for any paid event.

Image: Activating the Invoice Me option in an event

When the Invoice Option is activated, registrants will have the option of completing their online event checkout either by making an immediate online payment, or by choosing "Invoice Me".

(It works with events that offer guest registrations, too.)

Image: The checkout page for an event using the Invoice Me option

If the attendee picks "Invoice Me", s/he completes the registration without paying.

That registrant will appear in your event's Attendees list with a status of "Invoiced".

It's up to you, the event manager to decide how to proceed at this point. Salsa's expectation is that you'll initiate an offline billing procedure, such as mailing the individual to request payment by check, or collecting payment on-site.

Advanced Option: Invoicing by Email Trigger

You might want to have people receive different registration auto-responses based on whether they paid up-front or opted for invoicing, perhaps giving the latter instructions on where to send payment.

To pull that off, you'll need to build auto-response triggers that differentiate between already-paid and yet-to-be-invoiced registrants based on trigger conditions. Here are the conditions that will enable a trigger to identify invoiced events:

  • "[[_Status]]" == "Invoiced" (for "invoice me" registrations) or "[[_Status]]" == "Signed Up" (for already-paid registrations)

  • [[invoice_options]] == 1 (a binary true-false variable: "invoice me" registrations will have a value of 1, while those who have already paid will have a value of 0)

Once you've collected the event fee, you can follow the "Enter Payment" link in the Attendees section to record the details.

Image: An invoiced event registrant in the event's Attendees list. The Enter Payment link takes you to a pre-configured screen to record an offline payment

There you have it: just another tool in your kit for managing event registration with Salsa. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think by emailing feedback at salsalabs dot com, or just posting to


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