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Friday Fiesta: release processes, Adwords, and favorite fruits

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Jake_kiwiI'm sure you missed the Fiesta. Even if you didn't, please pretend so I can feel all special and Friday-like.

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Jake's ditching Salsa's support team to lead our Training and Online Learning, and he's diving right in with our Third Thursday on May 19, at which we'll share more about our release process and some of our newest futures. Jake also used the words "nosh" and "victuals" in his blog post yesterday, so if you're strangely not interested in the presentation, enjoy the writing, anyways! Oh, also: farewell to Trina, former Manager of Training and Online Learning, thanks for existing, and best wishes for grad school. I'll try to get over these grudges as soon as possible.

Speaking of our release process, check out these notes from our most recent release.

Daniel has some questions about using Google Adwords with Salsa urls.

What is a sticky? Gooood question. You should let John know how you like to use them.

Have you targeted forms with Actions?

Thanks for the great feedback about donation trigger fields and testing donation pages.

Oh, and we're hiring. You totally want to work with me.

Salsa Spotlight

Kudos to the Sanctuary for Families, recognized as a finalist for the New York Times Nonprofit Excellence Awards.

The Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth joined the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood as official partners in their "Stop Selling Kids on Coal" campaign.

Daily Kos is sending a cake (and petition signatures) to Speaker John Boehner.

Salsa Team Trivia

What is your favorite kind of fruit?

This week's question was inspired by the regular Wednesday delivery of fruit that our offices receive. My favorite fruit? Pomegranate, perhaps because they're such a pain to actually enjoy.

  • Scott, Senior Support Specialist: Apple. I can't help that my taste buds are boring.
  • Shannon, Support Specialist: That's like asking a parent who's their favorite child. I'm kind of fruit obsessed (always have been), but I'll go with plums.
  • Tyler, Sales Associate: I eat way too much grapefruit.

Have a happy weekend!


Thank you so much as you have been willing to share information with us. We will forever admire all you have done here because you have made my work as easy as ABC

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