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Friday Fiesta: conferences, Geek Lab, and cookies

Happy Friday!

I have the hiccups. It's a little annoying, but I'll probably survive. Speaking of annoying and surviving, I'm both loving and hating Wisconsin passionately this week...

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A couple conferences are coming up - SXSW and NTEN - and Salsa Staff will be there.

If you use Designation codes for your donation pages and don't want to have to manually type all of your options in, Chris V posted some instructions on adding a drop-down for Designation to your donation pages.

Will's working on search engine optimization and could use your help.

Scott thought he'd clarify how cookies work for us.

Thanks to Bill for his response on Shara's question about contacting legislative committees through actions.

Thanks to Anne for her feedback on date format.

Thanks to Sue for her detailed feedback on Salsa issues.

We're having another Geek Lab for our next Third Thursday event on March 17. We last had live support with our Geek Lab at our conference last summer, and we found it quite fun.

In the Salsa Sphere

All right, I might reach for alliteration too frequently, but a few great causes through Salsa pages caught my eye this week. (If you'd like me to highlight yours at any point, feel free to let me know!)

Feminist Majority and Ms. Magazine are requesting your reports of gender pricing gaps.

The New Organizing Institute posts great tips on organizing - sign up to receive more.

Standing on the Side of Love encourages Arizonans to contact their Governor.


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