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Friday Fiesta: new release, storytelling, and handmade gifts

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Happy Friday!

Last weekend, I learned how to make wine (well, the first steps, at least), and I cheered for the Packers for probably the second time ever. What can I say? I was raised by basketball enthusiasts.

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This week's highlight is all sorts of awesome, highlighting improvements from our recent development release. It's actually kind of like 30 highlights in one.

Thanks to the recent development, yes, we can now send triggers on group addition and exporting email statistics should be way more fun.

Our February webinar schedule is up, including a Salsa Market highlight of the Goldmail app.

If you're new to Salsa, we also have New User orientations on January 31, February 14, and February 28.

Adam, Alli and I enjoyed participating in a tweetchat with several members this week. 

There was a webinar on Emotional Storytelling on Wednesday, and Mark Rovner with Sea Change Strategies wrote up a great blog post with some tips on giving your supporters "some one to cheer."

Could anyone else share their thoughts on households and mailing?

Thanks to Kevin for pointing out where the deduplication options are.

Thanks to Marisol for her feedback on how the recent release will help her with event autoresponses.

Happy weekend!

Salsa Staff Trivia

What's the best handmade gift you ever received?

Anupama, New User Specialist: My mother made me a dress when I was six. She used a cream fabric with a tiny flower print, and she smocked and embroidered the bodice and put green piping on the sleeves and collar. It was my favorite dress. I wore it until it wouldn't fit anymore, and now my niece wears it!

Jesse, Product Manager: So this was back when I was, oh, five or six, when my big brother was my favorite superhero and all his friends were the coolest people on the planet, none of which has changed. I was hanging out with one of these cool people and he turns to me and says (but not in English), "Hey Jesse, do you not have one of those neat little wire cars that all the kids are driving around these days?" So I sat there in awe as he fashioned one out of scrap wire and shreds of inner-tube from bicycle tires, then he measured me up to make sure the steering wheel came to the right height (see for reference). It was a custom wire car, built just for me!


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