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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Break down email performance by group

by Leslie Hall

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With end-of-year campaigns upon us and everyone looking for ways to make the most of every email, I thought I'd spotlight an oft-overlooked feature available for drilling into your email performance statistics.

Tip of the Week: Email Open and Click-Through Rates by Group

You probably already know all about retrieving Email Blast performance numbers in the Email Summary Report.

Did you know the summary report also allows you to break down email performance metrics among any subset of your list?

Just select any Salsa group from the picklist at the very top of the page, and click "Retrieve Subset Report".

Image: See Email Open Rates and Click-Through Rates for any Group

Voila! Solve (and quantify) the mysteries of your email list ... such as:

  • Do state-specific messages generate more click-throughs among in-state supporters?

  • Are event attendees more or less likely to open action alerts?

  • Do the subscribers to different newsletters you send react differently to your full-list fundraising messages?

Best of all, you can filter by any group regardless of whether it predates the email message. Just use the Supporter section's group-building tools to populate a new group, and you'll instantly have months or years of historical data on its members' email performance right at your fingertips!


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