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Salsa Weekly Updates

by Adam Rosenberg

Welcome to the new and improved Salsa Weekly Update - your source for all things Salsa.

Whether you're a developer, a user, a partner or just curious - this all-encompassing update has lots of news you can use. So without further ado ...

Product News/Weekly Tip


Wednesday's events release upgraded the page flow of our events system, and streamlined the events creation process. Bottom line: it's easier:

  • to manage your events (attendee status can be updated in bulk, and events that don't require registration can now be created)
  • for supporters to sign up (information is carried over better from screen to screen)
  • and, for supporters to manage their own distributed events (navigation links added throughout)

Email Blast Stats

You may have already noticed the upgrade to the statistics available when you drill into the details of an email blast.

Salsa's new email statistics just make it easier to identify how many such records there are per blast through the brand-new "hard bounce count". This is just the first step of many to help you get a better handle of your email statistics to make sure your blasts are as successful as possible.

Developer News

Check out the Salsa Developer Zone for more information pertinent to developers and those working directly with SalsaScript.

Partner Highlight

"WP Jalapeno" WordPress integration

Get the WP Jalapeno app in our Salsa Market. Easily add Salsa actions to your WordPress site with the click of a few buttons. And it's free! Take a gander at to see how WP Jalapeno + Wordpress can make your actions sing.

Amplify Public Affairs training

Salsa Labs partner Amplify Public Affairs is hosting a fall "back to school" training for clients using the Salsa platform, starting September 16th.

The training covers everything your organization needs to execute a top-notch advocacy campaign that delivers results.

Register now to get the $179 Early Bird Price!

User Highlight

One of our earliest users, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, has made a big impact from a small shop using Salsa.

CCFC's campaign against deceptive advertising for the "Baby Einstein" DVD series forced the Disney company to refund millions a few months ago. The Campaign has nearly doubled its list size since that time.

An annual hit for CCFC's supporters is the "worst toy" ballot -- like this one, on a Salsa questionnaire. With our recent release of a new questionnaire upgrade, we're already looking forward to the 2011 version!

Get Involved

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