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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Snappy new update messages

by Leslie Hall

Image: An update message in your Salsa headquarters

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It's the "Salsa Weekly Highlight," your quick hit on what's new in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program. As always, you can find plenty more news, updates, and conversation throughout the week on

You may have already noticed that we've added slick new update messages, like the image at right, in the Salsa headquarters.

You'll soon be seeing similar messages just about every time you make data changes in Salsa through your campaign manager headquarters -- things like

  • Deleting a supporter
  • Applying a tag
  • Charging a donation

Okay, it's not the most earth-shaking system update.

But we hope it gives you a more consistent feel as you navigate through different parts of the system, and an unmistakable confirmation that you've made your update.

Going forward, they should become even more useful: look for message color-coding, different images, and even hyperlinks in these little boxes.

P.S. -- This message is no April Fool's joke, but if you sent an email blast today, you might have seen our happy little prank. Much to our surprise, we've had requests to keep this "joke" feature live! What do you think? Could you use a little bit of extra validation?


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