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Merchant gateways in the news

by Jason Z.

Users of the popular merchant gateway Payflow Pro may be contacted by PayPal to advise of changes to the processor's API.

Those changes are slated to take effect in September, and they will affect the way Salsa interacts with PayPal -- but if you run your own Payflow Pro gateway, there's nothing to sweat about.  We're on the case, and already have the initial coding done; we should be set for a seamless transition well before September.'s default merchant processor -- the one used by the majority of its member organizations -- is also Payflow Pro, so we're thoroughly incentivized.

In a completely unrelated merchant gateway bulletin, the product formerly known as Linkpoint or YourPay is now First Data Global Solutions. (Both and loudly banner this confusing development.)

We're going to need a playbill just to keep track of the dramatis personae.  Fortunately, you probably don't use Linkpoint, YourPay, and/or First Data Global Solutions:  while it is a supported merchant gateway in Salsa, it's the least frequently chosen.


It is the most popular merchant gateway as I know about it from the We also wrote an article for them once when they started their operations.

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The acknowledgment that these changes will impact the way Salsa interacts with PayPal demonstrates transparency and a commitment to keeping users informed. fairbet7


it's worth noting that's default merchant processor, used by the majority of member organizations, is Payflow Pro. Rest assured, we're fully committed to ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

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