"For Zion's Sake, We Will Not Be Silent"

As rabbis and cantors, leaders of American Jews, we have a special obligation to speak up for justice. And for too long, the voices of those of us who support Israel and a two-state solution have been silenced.

Join us and add your voice: "The stakes are too high, and we will not be silent any longer. We will speak up for Israel, against the occupation, and for a two-state solution."

Read the full letter below, and add your name.

Once you take the pledge, Americans for Peace Now, J Street, and T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights will provide you with rabbinic and educational resources to help you engage your community.

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299 9.8 years ago john T. WILLIAMS escondido, CA
298 10.2 years ago Rachel Broadwin Oakland, CA
297 10.2 years ago Daria Jacobs-Velde Sebastopol, CA
296 10.2 years ago Elizabeth Richman Washington, DC
295 10.3 years ago Alan LaPayover Philadelphia, PA
294 10.3 years ago Anat Moskowitz Aurora, CO
293 10.3 years ago Rachel Solomin Mountain View, CA
292 10.3 years ago Lawrence Troster West Chester, PA
291 10.3 years ago Douglas Heifitz Silver Spring, MD
290 10.3 years ago Mark Asher Goodman Denver, CO
289 10.3 years ago amy small morristown, NJ
288 10.3 years ago Arnold Saltzman Washington, DC
287 10.3 years ago Elliot Dorff Beverly Hills, CA
286 10.3 years ago Saul Estreicher Bridgeport, CT
285 10.3 years ago joanna samuels new york, NY
284 10.3 years ago Scott Slarskey Saint Louis, MO
283 10.3 years ago Aryeh Cohen Los Angeles, CA
282 10.3 years ago Claudia Kreiman Brookline, MA
281 10.3 years ago Gilah Langner Washington, DC
280 10.3 years ago Aaron Rosenberg Waterford, CT
279 10.3 years ago Roberta Stern Oakland, CA
278 10.3 years ago Henry Zoob Westwood, MA
277 10.3 years ago Robert Green High st, NJ
276 10.3 years ago Robin Nafshi Concord, NH
275 10.3 years ago William Dreskin Ardsley, NY
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Additional Information

In October, the JCPA published a study reflecting the challenges to rabbis of expressing their views on Israel. According to this report, about a third of rabbis are reluctant to express their views about Israel.

Despite extraordinarily deep personal connection, too many rabbis have said that they feel  overtly or implicitly pressured to withhold their views and thus unable to fully serve their communities by teaching about Israel.

As rabbis, let's support one another as we engage our communities and speak the difficult truths that will be necessary if Israel's future is to be secure and righteous.

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