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Happy Friday!

My coworker Brett leaves us today, and I'm trying not to hold it against him. Brett is not a terrible person, and I hope his future is good, but I will miss bothering him about bugs all day long.

Useful users

Greg, thanks for posting and resolving your note about including captchas on forms. I hope this helps to guard against some of the spam submissions you've been seeing!

John offered some tips on reading the spam report through the email workflow, since we've been getting a few questions about it.

Taking Action

There were a good number of emails and actions about health care last week, and Jason highlighted an action from Health Care for America Now on the blog.

So many ways to make "blast" punny...

Yesterday's Weekly Highlight pointed out the new snazziness of autoresponses within the events workflow, and I have to point out that Charlie also added a note about the "automatically generate text" option in email blasts, which I am so thrilled about, because that was my least favorite part of drafting blasts!

If you're still using the old email blast tool for some reason, you should totally upgrade to the new email blast package - It might look more complicated at first, because there are a few more steps than before, but overall, it's a lot more fun and useful.

Have a happy weekend! I'm going to go watch my brother and his rugby team perform in a musical variety show. I think they're singing "Men in Tights." Hm.


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