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Welcome to the third 'Weekly Salsa Highlight', your quick hit on what's new in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program.

You can always get news, updates, and conversation on Salsa Commons. If you were there this week, you saw one of our users, Charlie Albanetti, flat-out scoop the weekly highlight with this post noticing how it's now possible to build events Triggers/Autoresponses in-line directly in the events setup workflow.

The "Add a new response" button instantly creates a brand-new event autoresponse. You can proceed to edit it directly without leaving the tab.

Full instructions and screenshots on using this great new feature are available in the events documentation.

Got your standard replies all set up? They're all there, too. Add an existing response lets you browse among Autoresponses you have already configured, just like always.

Hopefully that will speed up the process of building event autoresponses. Go ahead and chime in on the thread if you have some ideas for making it even better! And look for this same functionality elsewhere in the Salsa toolset in the near future.


Leslie Hall
Director of Member Services

P.S. -- Last week's highlight told all about Actions 2.0. It's not too late to join the webinar for Actions 2.0 on Nov. 20.