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March of the Penguin Day

Via the Joomla disciples at PICnet, word that the traditional day-after-the-NTEN conference will indeed take place this year on April 7. A fantastic, free well-worth-the-nominal-fee, creative event focused on free and open-source software -- highly recommended if the NTC is already on your agenda, or even if it's not.


Free as in liberty, not as in beer

Jason, just wanted to make sure you knew that the uber-fun Penguin Day will be free as in liberty (share all your best practices and ideas), but not free as in beer (though there will be an after party). Cost to attend will be low, but hasn't been solidified yet. -Ryan from the Joomlasphere

My bad

It's just that it's so spiritually free, the cost doesn't seem to count. That must be it.

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