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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Use 'archive' tag to keep unwanted data out of your way

by Leslie Hall

Image: A Salsa list with archived data filtered

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You, our users, have often asked for more options to keep old campaigns, donation pages, events, and other aging Salsa data out from underfoot.

After all, it's a pain to pick through long lists of historical actions just to get the few ongoing ones you need to see. And you don't want to delete them outright and lose the data altogether.

Solution: just archive them.

It couldn't be easier:

  • Any Salsa data can be archived just by tagging the entry archive.
    Image: The 'archive' tag in Salsa

Archived entries disappear from your default Salsa lists of data, but they haven't been erased. Instead, an "Include Archived Entries" link toggles between a view of the filtered list (excluding archived items) and a view of the entire list (including archived items).

Archived data is never filtered out from any queries or reports unless you explicitly incorporate the archive tag.

I started using this brand-new feature myself just the other day and I absolutely love it. Give it a try, and the State of your Salsa will be: tidy!


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