End the NSA’s Mass Spying

Tell Congress: Support the Senate's Stronger NSA Reform, S.1599 The USA FREEDOM Act. Stop the FISA Improvements Act & Other Fake Reforms.

Since Edward Snowden’s first leaked document, we’ve learned disturbing details about the full extent of NSA spying. We now have confirmation that: 

  • The NSA is sweeping up the call records of millions of innocent people ;
  • The NSA is collecting the Internet communications of law abiding people around the globe;
  • The NSA is undermining encryption, making the Internet less safe for everyone; 

There’s a powerful reform proposal moving in the Senate, S.1599 The USA FREEDOM Act. The bill would limit bulk collection of phone records and add transparency to the egregious NSA spying. 

If S.1599 passes, it will be the most meaningful reform of government surveillance in decades. While S.1599, The USA FREEDOM Act, doesn’t address every issue with NSA surveillance, it’s a powerful first step.

But certain members of Congress don’t want reform. Senator Dianne Feinstein is promoting the FISA Improvements Act, a bill posing as reform that attempts to legalize the worst aspects of NSA surveillance. And the House's recently passed version of the USA FREEDOM Act, H.R. 3361 is a fake fix: it may have the same name, but it's been entirely rewritten and gutted.

We can’t let NSA apologists preserve the status quo. Demand real reform. Stop mass spying. Support S.1599 The USA FREEDOM Act.