Stop the NSA "Fake Fix" Bill

The FISA Improvements Act of 2013 seeks to extend NSA surveillance.

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The FISA Improvements Act of 2013 is a new bill promoted by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, designed to bolster some of the worst NSA surveillance programs and grant new authority to the NSA to engage in surveillance.  

Senator Feinstein is touting this proposal as a way to address the problems with uncontrolled NSA spying, but don’t be fooled: it’s a fake fix. 

The Fake Fix is designed to:

  1. Authorize the NSA’s practice of collecting phone records of hundreds of millions of innocent Americans.
  2. Authorize the NSA to engage in bulk collection of Internet communication records—an extremely invasive program the government tried in the past, but shut down because it was useless.

This bill isn’t designed to rein in the NSA spying programs.

It won’t end bulk data collection by the NSA, and it won’t stop unconstitutional surveillance on our communications. It offers fig-leaf transparency and oversight provisions while embracing NSA surveillance.

The Fake Fix is already out of committee and the Senate could begin voting on it soon. Please act quickly to help us defeat this terrible bill. Send a letter to your members of Congress and tell them to oppose Senator Feinstein’s Fake Fix and support real reform to end mass surveillance.