Stop the Massachusetts Wiretapping Bill

After recent revelations about NSA spying, the last thing we need is expanded wiretapping powers in Massachusetts.

A new bill in Massachusetts (S.654/H.3261) will expand the state's wiretapping laws, allowing law enforcement to eavesdrop on individuals suspected of committing even minor offenses. The bill also lets the government engage in these wiretaps for 30-day periods of time, twice as long as the current standard—preventing courts from providing adequate oversight.

Sign this petition and urge your lawmakers to oppose this unnecessary expansion of eavesdropping powers.

This petition is a joint initiative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and our partners at the ACLU of MassachusettsBill of Rights Defense Committee, Demand Progress, Digital Fourth, and Fight for the Future. For privacy reasons, however, no data entered into this form will be shared with our partner organizations.