Californians, Support Taxpayer Access to Research

The Assembly has passed this bill. Now it's up to the Senate. Help California pave the way for public access to important, taxpayer-funded research.

The California Taxpayer Access to Publicly Funded Research Act (AB 609) gives the public access to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of research funded in whole or in part by California residents. Too often, research you are currently paying for gets locked down inside expensive journals—scientists, researchers, and individuals are prevented from accessing crucial, state-of-the-art information.

Universities and research institutions are forced to pay exorbitant amounts for knowledge they helped create—and that you helped underwrite.

There's already a budget crisis in California. Top research universities in our state—some of the best in the world—have been forced to cut down their number of journal subscriptions, hindering scholarly progress and hurting innovation. This bill would help fix that.

Join EFF in supporting this important open access bill. Use this form to contact your California lawmakers.

Note: This action is only available to residents of California. If you are not a California resident, you can ask Congress to support FASTR, the federal public access bill.