Californians, Support the Right to Know Act

There’s an amazing opportunity to pass strong transparency and access legislation in California—but we need your help to overcome corporate interest groups that are lobbying against it.

The Right to Know Act (AB1291) would ensure you know how companies collect, share, and disclose your personal data.
It would require a company to give users access to the personal data the company has stored on them—as well as a list of all the other companies with whom that original company has shared the users’ personal data—when a user requests it.

Most importantly, it applies to the digital world too, giving Californians a better understanding of how their data is used when they search the web, shop online, and use apps.
Please join with the EFF and the ACLU in supporting this important transparency law. Use the form to contact your California lawmakers.

Note: This action is only available to residents of California. If you are not a California resident, you can help by telling your friends in California about this important measure.