Tell Congress: Keep My Inbox Away From the Government

Update: The U.S. House of Representatives has passed CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act), so the fight is moving to the Senate. Congress is now going to attempt to pass legislation on the Senate side and then conference it with the House bill. We can't let that happen.

Tell Congress not to compromise the civil liberties of Internet users. Call your Senators today.

The Senate is moving quickly on cybersecurity legislation that could undermine our core privacy rights. Please call your Senators and tell them not to sacrifice the civil liberties of Internet users with this dangerously vague legislation.

These “cybersecurity” bills would give companies a free pass to monitor and collect communications, including huge amounts of personal data like your text messages and emails. Tell Congress that they can’t use vaguely defined "cybersecurity threats" as a shortcut to shredding the Constitution.

Here’s a script you can use during you call – feel free to elaborate and make it your own. We also really appreciate it if you ask the Senator's stance on the bill – does he or she plan to oppose this bill?

Hi my name is [insert name] and I’m a constituent.

I’m calling about the cybersecurity legislation currently under consideration (S. 2151 and S. 2105). These bills would allow companies to spy on sensitive user communications and pass this data to the government without a warrant. Please tell my Senator to stand up for civil liberties. Support privacy-protective amendments and oppose S. 2151 and S. 2105.

Thank you for your time.

Once you've made the call, click the button that says "I made the call!" and then tell the world. Then send an email follow-up to Congress so they know you’re serious.