Protect Digital Privacy of Californians of All Ages – Oppose AB 165

AB 165 seeks to erase essential privacy protections for the more than six million Californians who attend or work in the public schools. Speak out now in defense of privacy.

Right now, the privacy and free speech of Californians of all ages and backgrounds is protected by the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA). No California government entity can search our phones and no police officer can search our online accounts without going to a judge, getting our consent, or showing it is an emergency. This keeps our emails, text messages, photos, digital documents and more safe and secure.

AB 165 would destroy the privacy and free speech protections for Californians who attend or work in the public schools:

  • NO outside oversight for searches of electronic devices or online accounts;
  • NO notice to individuals or parents and guardians;
  • NO safeguards for what information is searched and how it may be used or shared, including with federal agencies.

Now more than ever, we need to make sure that Californians of all ages and backgrounds can use their electronic devices and online accounts to safely communicate and connect about religion, immigration, health, political and social protest, and other sensitive issues.

We need to stop AB 165 before it rips away existing legal protections and makes Californians more vulnerable to invasive government searches and the harassment and worse that can follow.

Please contact your California legislators today and tell them to keep vulnerable Californians and families safe and say NO to AB 165. 

Not in California? Please share this action on social media and ask your California friends to speak out.

EFF uses the information you provide to help you take action in support of digital civil liberties, including submitting your message to oppose AB 165 to your representatives in the California Assembly and Senate. We will also add your name to a petition that civil liberties advocates may deliver to the California legislature and other decisionmakers to urge them to oppose this bill. We may work with coalition partners to execute the petition delivery. Learn more about EFF's privacy practices at