OkCupid, defend my privacy

OkCupid doesn’t offer users secure access to the website through HTTPS, which means users of the site risk their personal privacy every time they log in. It also means that an eavesdropper can actually take over your account and impersonate you, even without knowing your password.

"HTTPS” is standard web encryption that ensures the information sent and received is encrypted instead of as plaintext. OkCupid’s failure to offer HTTPS support potentially exposes:

    •    Email content from within OkCupid
    •    Content of online chats on OkCupid
    •    Searches conducted on the site
    •    Every unique page viewed, and thus all the profiles looked at
    •    Content of “hidden” questions–questions a user responds to in order to improve match results but then marks as “private” so others cannot see his or her response

Tell OkCupid not to cut corners when it comes to security. Send them an email today!

Privacy Professional at OKCupid