Tell Companies to Step Up

Kids eating junk food in front of TV

Marketing to kids is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. That’s why new guidelines proposed by the government are asking companies to limit what foods and beverages they market to kids to ensure that they meet standard nutritional requirements.

Many of the largest companies, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and General Mills, recently released their own set of guidelines for marketing their products to kids. It’s a step forward, but we know they can do even better. Our kids deserve better.

Ask these 17 companies to publicly agree to follow the federal principles.

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Your message will be sent to representatives at the following companies:

Burger King Corp.; Cadbury Adams USA LLC; Campbell Soup Company; ConAgra Foods, Inc; General Mills, Inc; Kellogg Company; Kraft Foods Global, Inc; Mars Inc.; McDonald's USA. LLC; Nestle USA; PepsiCo, Inc; Post Foods, LLC; Sara Lee Corp; The Coca-Cola Company; The Dannon Company; The Hershey Company; Unilever