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  January 16, 2018
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Dear  :

As you know, NJ FamilyCare is funded in part by the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Around 180,000 of the 800,000 children enrolled in NJ FamilyCare are covered by CHIP.  And parents of children covered by the CHIP portion of NJ FamilyCare pay premiums and co-pays for their children’s health care.

Fully funding CHIP is essential; Congress has never let CHIP funding lapse like this. This delay is inexcusable.

These children are counting on  your support to vote for long-term funding for CHIP this week.

Our state has always enjoyed bi-partisan support for NJ FamilyCare and CHIP because these programs have successfully reduced the number of uninsured NJ children to 3.7 percent, the lowest ever. With this insurance, these children can see their doctor on a regular basis and receive the preventive health and dental care they need to remain healthy and attend school ready to learn.

Let’s not go backwards. Advocates for Children of New Jersey has worked with state officials, community organizations, educators, medical providers, parents and advocates to identify children lacking health insurance and enrolling them into NJ FamilyCare.

Providing long-term funding for CHIP makes budget sense too. The cost of renewing CHIP is less than ever before. And if Congress renews it for 10 years, the Congressional Budget Office found that it would actually save the federal government $6 billion dollars.

You know how essential CHIP is for our kids and now is the time to act. If you truly support CHIP, please fully fund it now.


Cecilia Zalkind

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