Tell Your Representative: Stand Up to AIPAC on HR 850

AIPAC supporters are trying to tell your Representative what is “pro-Israel” when it comes to Iran.  Specifically, they are asking your House member to co-sponsor and eventually vote for HR 850 – the latest in a long line of AIPAC-backed Iran sanctions bills.

While we share the concerns of AIPAC supporters about Iran’s nuclear program, we also know that Congress has to recognize that, while the intentions of AIPAC supporters are sincere, the policies and positions they are asking Congress to adopt are not pro-Israel.  Rather, they conflict with the best interests of both Israel and the United States, including our shared goals of addressing the critical challenge posed by Iran’s nuclear program and ensuring that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.  

 HR 850 is fraught with problems, including the potential undermining of diplomacy and lowering of the bar for war.  Given the gravity of the issues at stake, it is vital that your Representative stand up to AIPAC and refuse to cosponsor HR 850 or to permit it to be ramrodded through Congress according to a timetable defined by AIPAC – or any outside group.  

Tell your elected officials in Washington to refuse to cosponsor HR 850.  Urge him/her to instead call for a serious deliberation process, including committee hearings and markups during which concerns about HR 850 can be aired and deficiencies in the bill can be addressed.

Input your zip code below to write a letter to your member of Congress urging him/her to stand up to AIPAC on HR 850.  And when you’re done, don't forget to go back and urge your Senators to likewise stand up to AIPAC on S. Res. 65!