A Message to Gov. Corbett from Pennsylvania Taxpayers

We paid our taxes today.  It’s time to make the Big Drillers and other powerful corporations pay their fair share, too!

Gov. Corbett is balancing the state budget on the backs of the middle class, while rewarding campaign donors and special interests with huge corporate tax breaks.

This year alone, tax loopholes and the state’s failure to enact a drilling tax are letting big corporations off the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. And Gov. Corbett – who took nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from the drillers – is trying to pass the bill on to working families in the form of environmental problems and state budget cuts that mean higher property taxes, terrible damage to our public schools and big college tuition hikes.

Just this weekend, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported that “85 percent of oil and gas sector companies who filed returns in Pennsylvania owed no taxes in 2008.” Eighty-five percent!

Governor Corbett: we already pay our fair share, so close the loopholes and end the giveaways that treat Big Business better than regular Pennsylvania taxpayers.
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