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Support Volunteer Attorneys in Artesia!

Over the past several months dozens of attorneys who are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) have volunteered to provide pro bono services in Artesia, New Mexico despite experiencing great financial hardship. These volunteers are paying their own expenses as they travel to and stay in Artesia to work 16-20 hour days. In addition to their out-of-pocket travel expenses, they are also losing income volunteering time that would otherwise be spent working in their practices. The out-of-pocket costs to a lawyer who volunteers in Artesia can be as high as $2,200 per week for travel, lodging, car rental, meals, and incidentals.

To facilitate these important volunteer efforts, the American Immigration Council, in cooperation with AILA, has agreed to accept donations from AILA members and other concerned individuals to support the volunteers’ work defending the families in Artesia.  The American Immigration Council’s non-profit status will allow people to make tax-deductible donations to this effort. Contributors may earmark their donations for a particular AILA Chapter, or they may designate that donations go to the area of greatest need.

The Council will then coordinate with AILA to distribute the funds to the AILA Chapters organizing volunteers.

AILA members who are interested in volunteering their time in Artesia should contact their AILA Chapter Chair or email AILA's Practice and Professionalism Center.

For additional information on the crisis at the border please visit AILA's Resource page and the Council's legal and research pages.

If you would like to support the Council's research and policy work in this arena directly, please visit their Fifty for Fairness campaign.

If you would like to make a donation OFFline, please use this form.

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