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America is facing a $7.7 trillion retirement income deficit. This means that for the first time in our country’s history, we are seeing current and future retirees preparing for a lower standard of living in retirement than their parents. As a result, retirement insecurity has quickly become the number one financial concern of Americans.

With fewer and fewer employers offering traditional pension plans, and with Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments not keeping up with retirees’ actual expenses, it is time for a solution that ensures a decent standard of living for all retirees.

Stand with the Pension Rights Center and Social Security Works in calling on our elected officials to address today’s retirement security crisis and ensure that all people can retire with adequate income.

In order to maintain one’s standard of living and dignity in retirement, we need a decent guaranteed monthly retirement income. This means an expanded Social Security system that asks the very wealthy to pay their fair share. This means an adequate and secure pension system to supplement their Social Security benefits.

This means that Congress must act NOW to ensure that no one in America retires into poverty after a lifetime of hard work.

Join us in calling on Congress to address the retirement security crisis by expanding Social Security and ensuring adequate and secure pensions for workers.

With 15% of seniors living in poverty, we need to move away from the do-it-yourself Wall Street savings model and back to real retirement protections, which ensure one’s standard of living.

Thank you for all that you do to fight for shared prosperity and retirement security for all.
Karen Friedman
Executive Vice President, Pension Rights Center

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