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URGENT: Congress to vote today on retiree pension cuts

We need your help NOW! The House is poised to vote on the omnibus spending bill, which includes provisions that would allow pension plan trustees to cut the hard-earned pension benefits of current retirees – as a purported solution to shoring up certain financially-troubled multiemployer plans.

Most members of Congress haven’t had a chance to review the pension-cutting provisions, so the Pension Rights Center has written a one-page explanation outlining the disastrous effects it would have on existing retirees.

E-mail this explanation to your members of Congress TODAY! Tell them to strip the Kline-Miller amendment from the omnibus spending bill because it would cut benefits for existing retirees – violating a key provision of the nation’s pension law.

This disastrous amendment, which was written in the dead of night without public input, would reverse decades of protections for retirees. But, if the House passes the amendment and the eventual bill, the Senate can still strip these harmful provisions.

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