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Take action to save the Endangered Species Act!

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is one of America’s crowning conservation achievements. It is the standard by which other nations measure efforts to rescue threatened plants and animals from oblivion.

The ESA has posted an impressive 99 percent success record for the species it covers, and enjoys broad bipartisan support. This is true despite efforts by its mostly industry-backed detractors to cut its budget and deny the law’s reauthorization over many years.

The ESA has helped prevent the disappearance of our nation's symbol, the bald eagle, as well as the mighty grizzly bear, the gray whale, peregrine falcon, and many others. It is a vital instrument for ensuring that the country we leave for our children is not one devoid of the myriad of beautiful and unique creatures that we share the Earth with today.

Please maintain the ESA in its strongest form and fight against any attempts to weaken it in any way.

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    Forests Forever:
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