Precinct President Sign Up

Precincts are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Richland County has 149 precincts.

In order to keep Richland county blue, we need your help to organize every precinct. This will help the Democratic Party expand the electorate, identify volunteers, and build a community among Democrats in your neighborhood. But to do this, we need your help--we have many precincts across Richland County that are not currently organized.

Precinct President

If a precinct doesn’t have any precinct officers currently serving, the County Party Chair may nominate an individual to serve as Precinct President for election by the County Party Executive Committee.

The Precinct President’s responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting others to help with the work of the Precinct organization, such as identifying and turning out Democratic voters.  
  • See that lists of Officers and Delegates are submitted to the County Party
  • Assist the County Part in putting together the next Precinct organizational meeting held each even numbered year.

Precinct Presidents are invited to attend the Richland County Democratic Party Executive Committee Meetings and shall vote if the Executive Committee member from the precinct or Alternate is not present.

Not sure which precinct you live in?  Click here.

If the position of Precinct President in your precinct is vacant and you would be interested in serving, please complete the following information. Immediately below is the list of precincts without a president.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming active in the Richland County Democratic Party or your precinct, please contact the Richland County Democratic Party Chair Jay Parmley at to get more information!