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3/11 Prospective New Users

Prospective User Webinar: Thursday, March 11,  2pm Eastern

Prospective Users Webinar: Thursday, March 11, 2010, 2-2:45 pm Eastern This is a 45 minute informational webinar for prospective Salsa users (NOT EXISTING MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS). We will go over the basics of the platform and the give an overview of most popular packages*, which include email blasting, advocacy, donations and events. If you have any questions about this webinar, e-mail If you're an over-achiever and dig homework, check out to learn more about Salsa before the webinar. What is a package? In the Salsa world we call a set of tools a package. (All times are Eastern.)

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Forgiveness In Relationships

I've worked very hard over the years to rid myself of my innate pessimism. Since I was a kid, I walked around with a deep-rooted belief that I was "cursed"; that good things happened to everyone else but me. This of course came out during therapy and, for the most part, I've addressed that ridiculous belief and put it to rest. Now, if I get good feedback on a work project or a school assignment, I don't make excuses for my success like, "They didn’t really get a chance to look it over thoroughly." Instead I actually have the audacity to say, "I worked hard, did an excellent job and was recognized for it. Cool!"

When it comes to my relationships, I'm better too, though far from cured. I don't suspect I ever will be cured entirely (who is?), but I've come far enough that I can allow myself to meet a quality man, fall in love with him, let him fall in love with me, and hope for a wonderful future.


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