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Salsa Status Report VII: The Final Countdown

Did you see the new warnings this week? No? Good!

We've set a date and put up a little notice, short and simple:

Attention: Democracy in Action is phasing out this platform in favor of Salsa! We plan to discontinue this older platform and end support on October 15. If you are not currently working with our staff to become Salsified please email and we will assign you a member of our Salsa Transition Team to guild you onto the new platform.

This is what you'll now see if you log in to the old platform. Almost everyone is on Salsa by now and we're ready to end support of the old system. If your not on Salsa yet, and aren't working with someone on our Salsa Transition Team, please let us know. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable in these final days.

  • BUG: added null/not null options for states and districts in the query builder (medium)
  • BUG: chapterized default handling in templates (medium)
  • BUG: Fixed a problem where the "I don't want to edit this template" checkbox was obscured when you clicked next to view more templates on the email blast creation workflow. (minor)
  • DOCUMENTATION: Added warning for old platform and for non-firefox browsers
  • ENHANCEMENT: added tag_KEYS for signup_pages so users can create interest-like user opt-in tags (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Changed "salsa templates" to "manage templates" throughout salsa for consistency, and added a "manage templates" link to the Donations and Events tabs. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Custom field ordering (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Exported information delivered to email (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed un-needed table from petition.jsp and updated to XHTML (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: tag autocomplete drop-down (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: URL Rewriter now accepts parameters (medium)


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