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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Sharing tool launched for social media

by Leslie Hall


It's the "Salsa Weekly Highlight," your quick hit on what's new in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program. As always, you can find plenty more news, updates, and conversation throughout the week on

We're very excited to announce the launch of Salsa's new sharing tools to extend your impact on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

To get this upgrade, you'll want to add the package called in your Salsa "Account" section. Only Super Admin users can add packages.

Once installed, the new sharing options appear under a "configure sharing" link in the floating yellow box in the upper right-hand corner of every Salsa page, action or event you edit. You'll find everything you need to use it in the documentation.

Image: Salsa's social media sharing configuration

Donate Your Status

One effective way to strategically leverage Facebook sharing in Salsa pages is by running a "Donate your Status" campaign with your supporters - as seen here.

"Donating" a Facebook status allows supporters to display a link to your cause in their profile. Because it's their status and not just a news feed link, it also remains visibly stationed at the very top of their Facebook profiles.

To configure this sort of campaign:

  1. Select the Salsa page you want users to share
  2. Click "configure sharing"
  3. Type the message you want a supporter's followers to see in "Message"
    Example: "Join me in supporting [ link ]"
  4. Customize URL (recommended settings will share shortened versions of your links)
  5. Enter any relevant information, if you have an account (you don't need your own account, though)
  6. Hit "save" and your page is ready to be shared as a "Donate Your Status" campaign.

Image: Posting a Salsa page to Facebook with the Salsa Sharing tools

Social media sharing is a constantly developing and changing medium so we're really excited about these new tools and what's to come.

As always, I'd love to hear about your experiences with this (or any) Salsa tool -- drop me a line at with any comments.